Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Making video courseware with screen capture software

Making video courseware with screen capture software

At present, courseware is widely used in demonstration and teaching. Generally we use Microsoft PowerPoint and Macromedia Authorware to make coursewares. The former one is easy to use, and as Microsoft constantly enhanced its function,it is more powerful now. The second one is not that easy to use, but it has a lot of defined-functions and you can use these functions to realize some complicated and splendid effects.

Generally speaking, these softwares can meet our demands. But in some cases, we need to make video courseware for widely use. For example, when introducing the usage of a software, we need to record those complicated steps and transfer it to video format for widely spreading. At this time we need some professional software to realize it such as Screen Video Recorder and ACA Capture Pro, those software can record your every step to specified video format like AVI, ASF and so on. Take ACA Capture Pro for example, running the software first, then entering the video capture (screen recording)> interface.

You can set the coordinates to confirm the area you want to record and the video format here. Audio recording is supported too. The last step is closing the window and using the hotkey "Ctrl+F8"(default) to start and stop video capture.

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