Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Screen Capture for Education

      Combining engaging illustrations with text can significantly increase student understanding and retention of the material being presented. That’s why educators worldwide are using captured images and graphics to enhance handouts, newsletters, tutorials, and PowerPoint presentations. Professional screen capture software such as Hyper snap, ACA Capture Pro, Snag IT etc are all powerful tool for your work.

  • Creating Technical Training for Students and ColleaguesEducators can use screenshots to illustrate tutorials on technology-related topics – such as how to use e-mail or virtual chat, how to post discussions on Blackboard, or how to use a gradebook program – for their students and colleagues.

  • Illustrating PowerPoint Presentations Educators can capture images, menus and other parts of applications, Web pages, articles, and graphs from Excel or PDF, to illustrate concepts in their presentations.

  • Move your cursor over the flash cards for answers. Educators can create more interesting and engaging presentations by including clickable links or pop-up text in their slide graphics. Hover over complex diagrams to reveal pop-ups with more detail. Hover over charts to show explanatory text. Or, click on a link to open a Web page. Best of all, the interactivity isn't lost when the capture is pasted into a PowerPoint slide.

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